Name – the name of the project as stated in their Github repository

Symbol – the coin’s symbol pulled directly from their node’s RPC command

Port – the chosen full node port stated in the default configuration file

Netspace – the estimated network space in exbibytes updated every minute from

Height – the current block height updated every minute from

Pre-farm – the number of coins farmed at block height 0 as stated in their consensus block rewards file in the project’s Github repository

Max Supply – the total number of coins, including the pre-farm, that will be generated within 30 years. As some projects don’t have a max supply cap, we chose 30 years as a reference time frame to compare projects’ supply ceilings.

Price – VWAP (Volume-weighted average price) calculated from LIVE exchange data feeds. If this information is not available, we use the current price from exchanges that don’t provide volume data. Updated every minute.

Volume – the amount of currency traded in the trailing 24 hours

Marketcap – calculated from the total number of coins farmed, minus the pre-farm, multiplied by our calculated VWAP. If a project is using the pre-farm within their community, the amount of the pre-farm in circulation will count towards their market cap.

Reward – the current block reward in # of coins

Farmed – the total supply farmed

Repo – code repository

Latest – the latest software version pulled from their Github repository hourly. If they don’t use the standard versioning conventions from their repo, this will display as “Unknown” until they fix their rollout processes. Updated hourly.

Active Nodes – a recent list of nodes from updated every minute

Plot Type – O = “Original” plots supported, P = “Portable” NFT plots full block reward, U = “Unique” plots required

Rank – Determined by market cap and daily trading volume. If a project doesn’t have a price, the rank is determined by a combination of net space and plot-type. Older projects that require OG plots will always have a reduced rank.