New Project Listings

  Listing Features
  • A custom project page containing details about your project
  • Integrations with all available exchanges
  • Fully interactive netspace and/or price/volume/market cap charts
  • Technical details for easy farming setup for forks including links to your repo and available nodes to connect to
  • Google Analytics for the performance of the project page
  • Listing announcement on our official Twitter account and Discord server

If you’re interested, contact us with your details.

  • An active chat group, either Discord or Telegram
  • Website
  • Active Twitter account
Mandatory – Forks
  • Github Repo with proper release management/ tags
  • Block explorer with All The Blocks
  • Cold wallet addresses for pre-farm coins to monitor circulating supply
Strongly recommended
  • Several nodes operated by the project with DNS
  • Listing with an exchange

If your project uses blatant, gratuitous vulgar language, we will NOT be listing your project.
We know our community looks to us for farming opportunities and we take that responsibility seriously. Directing significant farming capability to projects created as jokes or for other provocative reasons would be a misstep in our responsibility to our community.
We respect the hard-working developers who are committed to the success of their projects and we will not promote jokes that take away from more serious approaches to improving the ecosystem as a whole.